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Engineering, Technical, and Programmatic Services


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Engineering, Technical, and Programmatic Services


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AHA is operational in zones 1 through 6



Quality Assurance Program

Our Quality Policy is to provide customer satisfaction through quality service, remain competitive in our costs, and pursue continuous improvement in all of our business processes.


As a client-driven and product-focused organization, AHA is dedicated to meeting or exceeding our customers’ requirements in every instance. We will maintain leading edge capabilities with trained, experienced, and skilled personnel, supported by the most modern technologies and methods, and we will apply those skills in the most efficient manner possible to ensure our customers' success. We will remain attuned to our customers by actively soliciting feedback and using that information to increase their level of satisfaction with our products. By leveraging the knowledge, skills, and ingenuity of



of our employees at every level of the organization and by embracing the principles of continuous improvement, we will achieve the most effective, efficient, and profitable approach to the attainment of quality.


Policy outcome is ensured through implementation of a quality program employing policies and procedures that comply with ISO 9001:2008. Company-wide quality objectives have been derived from the Quality Policy to meet basic requirements for exceeding customers' expectations, providing quality services and products, recruiting and retaining only the highest caliber employees, meeting all schedule requirements for customer deliverables and services, and pursuing continual improvement.



Quality Objectives

Every process within AHA has at least one quality objective that governs the purpose of that process. All of these objectives are derived from at least one of the key requirements of the company Quality Policy. The quality objectives are communicated throughout the organization to implement the Quality Policy, meet requirements for product and processes, and to improve the quality system and performance.


Executive management is responsible for establishment of the quality objectives and ensuring measurability. All quality objectives are subject to data gathering, data analysis by the Corporate Quality Manager (CQM), and data reporting to executive management during management review.


Quality objectives are reviewed at each management review meeting to identify where goals are and are not being met. Where shortfalls are identified, the CEO or CQM may revise objectives, issue corrective action requests (CARs), or take other appropriate action to address the issues.


The records of management reviews include the current goals set for each objective and current standing. Additional customer-specific goals may also be set; these will be published either in appropriate work instructions, proposal documents, or in the records of management review.

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